8th Grade Regulator Handbook



            We want to welcome all eighth graders!  This year will be one that is important and challenging.  We have planned many exciting activities that will help you grow as students and people.  The eighth grade team will work with you to help you meet the challenges of the year including personal responsibility and leadership.


Mission Statement


        The mission of Brookville Local Schools is to challenge, prepare and support all students to realize their full potential.



Eighth Grade Teachers


Language Arts:  Miss Rebecca Holloway and Mrs. Angela McSurley

Social Studies:  Miss Jennifer Howard

Science:  Mrs. Sarah Gulley

Math:  Mrs. Belinda Linville

Intervention Specialist:  Mrs. Beth Fullenkamp






Eighth Grade Class Rules


1.         Follow directions when they are given.

2.         Be in your seat and quiet when the bell rings.

3.         Come to class prepared each day.

4.         Respect others and their belongings at all times.

5.         Students are responsible for all work missed when absent.  Check teacher WebPages through the link on www.brookvilleschools.org.


Homework Policy


          Homework and attendance are two of the key factors for successful student performance.   During the first few weeks of the school year, eighth grade students will assist their teachers in the development of a homework rubric so homework is graded the same way in all classes.

            Students are required to turn in their homework on the date due for full credit or the next day for half credit.  Work turned in after that receives zero credit. Parents are encouraged to check Progress Book often to monitor student grades. You can access Progress Book by going to www.MDECA.org, Progress Book Parent Access, Brookville, and typing in the user name and password mailed to you in the past.  If you do not know your user name and password, please contact the secretaries or guidance counselor. 


Homework Website


          Eighth grade teachers will be posting their homework assignments on the Brookville Intermediate School website this year under “Teacher Websites.”  Since lesson plans may change periodically, the best way to accurately know what assignments are expected of your student is checking his/her agenda planner.  However, this website should give you an idea of what your student is doing in class and provide all students an opportunity to work on assignments on days of absence.


Intervention in Eighth Grade


          This spring, eighth grade students take three state achievement assessments in Reading, Math and Science.  To assist students in excelling on these assessments, intervention will be provided during the school day. Intervention time will be available during fifth period acceleration and exploratory classes. Using assessment data, teachers will pull students into intervention to work on strengthening skills and content.



Washington D. C. Trip


     Each year the eighth grade travels to Washington D. C.  The trip is designed to be a positive learning experience involving all academic disciplines.   Students will earn the equivalent of a test grade in each subject area by adhering to the following:

1.            The student code of conduct.

2.            All directions from any/all chaperones.

3.            Being at the right place at the right time.

4.            Appropriate behavior at all times (on the bus and at the hotel also—do not abuse the phones, stay in your room, maintain acceptable noise levels).

5.            Being courteous to all—classmates, chaperones, guides, and strangers sharing our space (meals, attractions, sidewalks, motel, etc).

  1.        Showing sincere interest/involvement in learning while on the trip.


Eligibility for D. C. Trip


     To be eligible to participate in the Washington D. C. trip, students must adhere to a “good  behavior” policy.  Good behavior is defined as accumulating no more than one Saturday School and no suspensions.  Students who earn two Saturday Schools or any suspension (in-school and out-of-school) are no longer eligible to participate in the D. C. trip.


Substitute Teachers


          The eighth grade teachers’ have instituted a substitute teacher policy because we want the students to show the respect to substitutes that they deserve.  Any student receiving any discipline from a substitute teacher will automatically receive an office referral for a Saturday School as the minimum consequence. 


Team Discipline Procedures


Tardiness to Class:  There are two ways to earn a “tardy” in eighth grade classes.  First, by being late to class and second, by coming to class unprepared and leaving to go retrieve a required supply (such as a textbook or writing utensil).  Tardies are recorded individually by each teacher for that class only and accumulate for the duration of a semester.  The consequence for tardies is as follows:

  • After the third tardy is earned in a class, an after school detention will be assigned by the teacher.
  • After the sixth tardy is earned in a class, the student will be referred to the office for disciplinary action.
  • After the ninth tardy is earned in a class, the student will be referred to the office for disciplinary action.


Detentions:  Detentions are generally to be served from 2:30-3:00 p.m. on the day assigned by a staff member.  Missing an assigned detention will result in a more severe consequence.


Office Referrals:  Students are referred to the office for discipline for two reasons.  First, if a student’s action merits a more severe consequence than an afterschool detention.  Second, for repetitive behavior that has resulted in past detentions and the behavior continues to occur.


In cases of repetitive behavior detentions, the following action will be taken:

  • After three detentions, a student/teacher conference will be held to discuss behavior concerns.
  • After five detentions, the student will no longer earn detentions but will earn office referrals instead.




Bring Your Own Device Policy


            Brookville Intermediate School is wireless!  In order for students to gain access to use the wireless internet on a personal device, they must have returned a signed “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) form.  BYOD forms will be provided to students the first week of school and will need to be signed and returned.  Please refer to the BYOD form for all specific information on when and where personal devices are appropriate for use.


            Students who use the wireless network on personal devices without a signed form will be referred to the office for disciplinary action.









          The eighth grade team is committed to communicating with parents.  Here are ways in which we promote effective communication.

  • Student agenda required in each class, each day.
  • Teacher WebPages on the B.I.S. website updated each Monday.
  • Progress Book, online grade book: updated at a minimum each Monday.
  • Student Led Portfolio Conferences in the fall and spring.
  • Traditional parent/teacher conferences in the fall and spring.
  • Periodic email blasts.
  • Email:    

            Sarah Gulley                                           bvsgulley@mdeca.org

            Rebecca Holloway                                 bvrholloway@mdeca.org

            Jennifer Howard                                    bvjrjhoward@mdeca.org

            Belinda Linville                                      bvjrblinville@mdeca.org

            Angela McSurley                                   bvjramcsurley@mdeca.org

            Beth Fullenkamp                                   bvjrbfullenkamp@mdeca.org


            The eighth grade team feels that this handbook will help students and parents/guardians understand what we aspire to accomplish this year.  The above policies are intended to facilitate successful completion of the eighth grade.  We want to stress that parental support is vital for your child’s success.  Both parents and students are responsible for the information contained in this handbook.



To acknowledge that you have read and understand the policies in this handbook, please complete the form below, detach and turn in to Mrs. McSurley on or before Friday, August 28, 2015. 


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