Caught Being T.E.R.R.I.F.I.C.

Thoughtful   Enthusiastic   Respectful   Responsible   Inclusive   Friendly   Inquisitive   Capable

            Has your child come home saying they were caught being terrific?

     TERRIFIC KIDS is our program to recognize good behavior. Teachers give out tickets to students throughout the week. Students put their tickets in a box in the office. Ten to fifteen tickets are pulled on Friday mornings and are recognized as part of our morning announcements. The local Kiwanis club helps us with this program by providing a banner for our bulletin board honoring these students each week.  In addition, they also supply pencils and a “Terrific Kid” sticker to give to the students.  We like the prizes to be enough to get students excited and we also call enough students to the office each week so everyone feels like there is a “real” chance of being called. To the Kiwanis items we add a coupon from a restaurant, a paper apple with their name on it that can be turned in at McMaken's for a real apple, and a prize students choose from the table in my office. These prizes are donations received from our families. When you are cleaning your child’s room and deciding that some small items and books in very good condition are not longer being used, you are invited to donate them to our “Caught Being Terrific!” treasures.