OneView Returning Students Instructions

Last Updated: 6/18/2019 3:07 PM

Information on how to enter returning students information.

If you know your login information Click here to begin Parent OneView

Forgot your login info? 
Go into the OneView Portal and click on FORGOT MY CREDENTIALS. If you have issues not resolved, call the school office. Click HERE for office hours for your school.

Can I just make a New Account?
NO. The system will not let you create a new account if one has already been established for your student. DO NOT TRY TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT

Once you are logged in

Fill out Student Information Form

Fill out Student Health History

IF your student in grades 7-12 plans on trying out for a school sport please fill out the Athletic Form

If you don’t have computer access? All school buildings  have computer kiosks available for your use.
Paper forms will not be handed out. Any questions please contact the school office anytime after August 1st, 8am-3pm.

What if I submit the form and realize I’ve made a mistake? Please go back in change the information and SUBMIT again. Please do this anytime a phone number, email or any other information should change during the school year.

What if my, or my student's information changes?  Login to your account and change the information and click SAVE & SUBMIT at the bottom of the page to save the changes.