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Daily assignments could change from day to day depending on how far we get during a class period.  Check in often for updates.




                                                      Math 8

Day To Do
Monday, September 20

Went over issues with p.22: 14-28
Completed 1.3 Custom Construction (Finding Patterns), B
Begin 2.1 Modeling Linear Data Patterns

Definitions: function, math model 

Tuesday, September 21

Finish 2.1 A
Definition: line of best fit

"Name That Line" -homework if not finished

Wednesday, September 22

Begin 2.2 Exploring Slope, A-B

Definitions: linear relationship, coefficient, y-intercept, slope

Thursday, September 23 Continue 2.2 Exploring Slope B-E
Friday, September 24

Summarize 2.2 Slope 

ACE p.45: 1-3, 6-7

Quiz Monday over Linear Relationships



Day To Do
Monday, September 20

Go over Topic 1 Review
Study for Test

Tuesday, September 21

Topic 1 Test

Wednesday, September 22

T-Shirt Problem 
Definitions: slope, y-intercept, slope-intercept form 


Thursday, September 23

2-1 Slope-Intercept Form
Examples A-D, example 1 and try-it 1

Notes: Writing Equations from Two Points

Friday, September 24

2-1 Slope Intercept Form
Examples 2-4 & try-its

p.60: 1-4, 5-12 w/graph paper (homework if not done)

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