5 Para. Essay

Resources for 5 Paragraph Essay

Mrs. McSurley's essay example


W8.2 B Thesis Statements- click for video lesson

Thesis Statement Notes


W8.2 E Structure and Organization- click for video lesson

Outline (Simple Visual- will need to memorize)


W8.2 B Citing Evidence - click for video lesson

Introducing Quotes Video- Click to watch

Embedding Quotes Video- Click to watch


Body Paragraph Guidelines/Outline

Self Assessment- Body Paragraphs


W8.2 C Transitions- click for video lesson

Transition List and examples


W8.2 A Engaging Introduction- click for PART 1 video lesson (only watch first 7 minutes, then click for PART 2)

Part 2    Click to watch


Hook Mentor Texts


W8.2 F Engaging Conclusion - click for video lesson (updated 1/8/19)