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Social Studies


Class Work

Links, readings, and directions posted in Google Classroom


*Read Lesson 22 Section 3 & complete the Notes (questions 1-2 below “Check for Understanding”).


Remember: TCI saves your work automatically. You don’t need to “submit” or “turn in.”


*Read Lesson 22 Section 4 & complete the Notes (questions 1-2 below “Check for Understanding”).


*Read Lesson 22 Section 5 & complete the Notes (1 question below “Check for Understanding”). 


*Read Lesson 22 Summary & do the “Check for Understanding.”

You do NOT need to do “Processing.”



*Watch “West African Kingdoms


*Complete the Lesson 22 Lesson Game. 

Pay attention to the top of the game board. It tells you in which section of the reading you’ll find the answers.



After Spring Break we are heading back to Europe to learn about how Medieval times & feudalism ended. We will be working out of Lesson 19, so if you wanted to get a head start...

*Read Lesson 17 Introduction


*Complete the Preview below the Introduction- write about your current situation due to COVID-19.


*Not due this week!






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