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Ms. Gulley’s Science Playlist

Diversity Part 3

Week of 3/1 -3/5



**Highlighted assignments are ones that will be turned in for a grade


Daily Work ** I will adjust work on here as it changes through the week



  • Go over answers to Darwin and natural Selection Assignment

  • Talk about Natural selection in Populations and answer questions at the end of each section.

  • Double check Comic Strips to make sure you have done them correctly - fix overnight if not

Tuesday 3/2

  • Forkbird activity

    • Complete the forkbird activity as a class



  • Wuddaya Know Wednesday #6

  • Forkbird activity

    • Answer the questions about conclusion you can make based on the Forkbird activity we did in class yesterday

  • Talk about Natural selection in Populations and answer questions at the end of each section.

  • Start Natural Selection of Peppered Moths Gizmo

Thursday 3/4

  • Finish Natural Selection of Peppered Moths Gizmo

  • Read “Species are Related” and answer the questions that go with it.



  • Read “Homologous and Analogous Structures” and complete the worksheet that goes with it

  • Read Evidence For Evolutionary relationships

  • Complete “What does a T Rex taste Like” Webquest 

    • Follow the directions on the website to complete the worksheets that go with it


** Students are starting quarter 4 with a participation grade in science of 30 points. Their goal is to keep the points for the quarter. At the end of every week I will update the points, and change the grade if a student has lost points during that week. There will be an explanation in Progress Book of why points were lost. Students keep points by following their safety contract during labs and activities, asking good questions (not ones already answered by directions they were to read), paying attention, following directions, and being independent thinkers and problem solvers during class. Please let me know if you have any questions!



Any Changes to the week will be in RED type